Good day my awesome people, how are you all doing? Good, I hope.

I wrote this amazing write up prior to Valentine but I couldn’t upload due to unforseen circumstances. Well, there’s no special or specific day, date, time or hour to express love. 😊


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Your smile takes away my breath,

Your voice makes me feel safe,

Your eyes holds me like a sheath,

Just as your hand keeps me warm;

Just as Valentine is for love,

I owe you my love,

Just as Valentine shows sacrifice,

I sacrifice my heart for you;

I know Knowing you was fate,

But having you is joy,

And loving you with faith,

Gives me gives me lot of hush;

I could express my love in a thousand words,

Could convey my feelings for a thousand year,

And even show a thousand persons,

That my love for you is worth more than thousands of gold;

Babe you make me see the world through your eyes,

You make me float on the sea just like ice,

Even though I know I could melt,

But you’re worth melting for;

You’re just the fire I need to stay warm,

You’re the light in my darkness,

You fill so much space in my heart,

That can never be left void.

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Heart ache…

Hello my awesome readers and followers, Its a BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart; I really appreciate your comments, likes and follow up. They motivate me to keep the good work on.

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Now to the business of the day. I was sitting in class and thought of how a broken hearted babe would be feeling. So, putting myself in her shoes…… I decided to pour out my feelings in this write up

Waking up to this numb feeling,

I know it has to do with this feeling,

It has to be with you leaving,

It has all to do with me lingering;

I know we’ve come this far,

But we can make it last,

At least hear me out,

But don’t make me cry;

I try making this work out,

But you seem pleased with your way out,

You make me want to seem broken,

But I’m holding to this last token;

Valentine was too good to be true,

Spring sets its Sunshine on you,

Summer lets me make out with you,

But you let winter tear us apart;

I have this heart ache,

It has all to do with you turning and not looking,

It has to do with my heart lock broken,

It has to do with this inner voice shattering;

I try to make it up,

But you give no fuck,

I tried to be on the look out,

But you were no where;

The traces you leave behind,

Are the pieces I have to mend,

The feeling you leave behind,

Are starting to fade;

But babe,

It seems you are gone for good,

I feel you left a piece;

But babe,

I got my shattered piece in one piece,

And now there’s no place to fix;

I hope you find a better place,

I hope she gives you a better piece,

I hope she makes you a finer piece,

I hope she makes you peace.

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And Valentine is coming…

Good day Lovelies, how are you doing? Fine, I guess?

Valentine is coming! Like its just 2days from now and not everyone has a Val! Its not like I mean anything; at least not yet 😉

So, as per no Val – You can be your own Val my sister/brother. Don’t get it twisted, the main purpose or lets say aim of Valentine is to show love. Don’t forget the bible says;

“Love your neighbour as your self”

– note the word ‘Self’.

My friends and I in the community for clinical experience, in case you don’t know I’m a Student Nurse, have decided to go out on Valentine day to eat by ourselves. What matters is the LOVE behind every actions and word uttered in respect to VALENTINE.

Don’t be fooled young ladies by those gifts guys will bring as valentine gifts and then you make some ‘stupid’ decisions.

Sister wise up!

Zip up!

Nah so we hear say dem dey steal pant, auntie be careful o!

Lastly, before I go, I’ll be posting some links here – feel free to access them, they’re post from my last Valentine Perfect Date Series and trust me you’ll love it.

Tell him

Simple kiss?

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Which is best?

Good Morning, psst, its 2:14am! I just cant sleep and Urrgghhh! Its not as easy as it seems – sleeping back but Hey! I’ve got something for you ☺

Some days back, while having my solitary session I was writing and got an idea of starting two different write-ups with the same first verse…….. And it worked!

So, all I want you to do is choose the one You like best or think is much better and just write anything about it.

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Once loved…

Sitting here laughing at your joke,

Taking time to feel this moment,

I never wanted this to end,

I always hoped it’ll last forever;

I take time to think back,

Trying to find out where I went wrong,

That I cannot seem to fathom,

Because I never made an error;

I wake up every morning,

Hoping you’ll be there,

Waiting to have your company,

Waiting to hear your morning voice;

None would’ve thought it was for a moment,

None would’ve imagined you had this plan from onset,

Neither would I have known you to take a swing,

Nor you walk away without looking back;

You broke my heart and tread on its pieces,

You shredded my emotions and fed them to the air,

You ripped off my dignity and let the wind take it course,

You acted on my feelings like a lost soul;

I knew it was my fault you had this opportunity,

I should’ve guessed right but love made me think wrong,

I could’ve discovered early but I guess its too late,

All because I was too stuporous in love to comprehend my thoughts;


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My chariot awaits…

Good Morning my beloved readers, how are you all doing? Great, I guess.

Uhmm….. I was observing my usual moment of solitude when I got this inspiration about some things you may not be able to fathom but I think I did a fair job putting them to good use by expressing them the way I know best.

The write up below may be interpreted as we like cause I had something in mind before writing, and when I finished, it was much better coupled with my former mindset. That’s why I said earlier that individuals’ connotation may vary.

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Have a fabulous day ahead 😃

Taking this scary route,

I knew where its leads me not,

Not to think of the dangers en route,

But nothing can tell me not;

This trail we all tread,

Is delicate and fail,

Take heed lest you fraid,

As your thoughts can make you fail;

I saw so many passerby’s,

None even to my concern,

I saw so many illustrations,

But none did I understand;

I tried to stop this young man,

To ask for directions,

He said ‘no two man head the same way’,

He said to follow my heart;

Leaving as confused than ever,

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